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Bulk Confetti
Order Bulk Confetti by the Pound in the color you want
Black Confetti Options
Black and White Confetti
Black and White Confetti, Glitter, Powderz, Shredz and Tinzl
Blue and Green Confetti
Blue and Green Confetti
Pink Round Confetti
Bulk Burgundy Confetti Bulk Pink Confetti Bulk Rose Confetti, Bulk Fuchsia Confetti
bulk gold confetti
Metallic Bulk Confetti Bronze Confetti , Gold Confetti and Silver Confetti Metallic Confetti, Metallic Glitter, Metallic Art Powderz Metallic Shredz Metallic Tintzl
Purple, Lavender, Violet
Purple, Lavender and Violet Glitter, Confetti and Art Powders Bulk Tinzl and Shred
Red Glitter Bulk
Metallic Red Confetti, Glitter, Shredz
Silver Confetti, Silver Glitter
Bulk Silver Confetti Bulk Silver Glitter
Yellow Confetti Bulk
Yellow Confetti, Yellow Glitter
Orange Confetti
Orange Confetti, Glitter, Shredz
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Black Number 40 Confetti Bulk or Packet
Black Number 40 Confetti
Price: Starting at $1.99
Black Number 40 Confetti
Black Number 40 Confetti
Hanging Decor