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How to Create a Confetti Balloon?

What you need
  1. Confetti without sharp edges, avoid stars
  2. Clear or jewel tone latex balloons
  3. Hi Float
  4. Helium
  5. Ribbon to tie the balloon when you finish, always curl the short end
First Squeeze a pea sized dollop of hi-float into the balloon. Spread the hi float by rolling the balloon
between your fingers keeping the end closed. Try to keep the hi-float out of the neck of the balloon, it will get sticky.
Add approximately 1/5 ounce of confetti to the balloon, you can use the eraser end of a pencil to push it in.
Inflate the balloon with air or helium. The confetti will blow against the hi-float and stick to create a glittery, glitzy
balloon decoration. 
  • What can you  do with  Centerpiece Sprays?
The easiest thing to do is tuck your spray into a vase or balloon sand weight.
  1. The stick can be cut to the length that works best for you
  2. If you have flowers in your vase, pull out the middle stick with the glittered top,
  3.  Take this glittery number or shape and tuck it in to sit just above the highest flower. 
  4. Add the rest of the spray to the side 
  5. Curl the stars and onion grass for a full look
Create a Centerpiece with Balloons. 
This is an easy do it yourself centerpiece. You can premake the arrangement and add the balloons the day of the party. These are very easy to make and can add a lot of pizazz to your party. Just follow these simple directions to make your own balloon table centerpieces with our centerpiece sprays. 
Materials you will need:
  • Three 5" balloons
  • A sand base (directions below)
  • Mylar Paper
  • A balloon air pump
  • Balloon Sticks
  • Centerpiece Sprays
  • Ribbon
Create a Centerpiece
  1. First, create a base using 2 sheets of mylar paper and sand. Lay one sheet horizontally and the next sheet vertically on top of the other sheet. Pour the sand into the middle of the two sheets and gather the two sheets up. Tie a ribbon around the top of the gathered mylar paper to secure the base in place. 
  2. Using a balloon pump, blow up three 5" balloons in the colors of your theme. Tie them and place them on three balloon sticks. Cut two of the sticks shorter than the first stick. Place the tallest stick in the back of the base and the two shorter balloon sticks side-by-side into the front of the base.
  3. Next detach the centerpiece from the spray. Curl the spray using the side of a pair of scissors. Cut both to appropriate heights and place it in the middle of the base with the tallest balloon being behind it. 
  4. Place on the table and hear all the people comment on what a great job you did decorating!
See, now wasn't that easy? With little tricks like this you can add that special something to any party theme! And the bases and centerpiece sprays are reusable. 
How to Decorate on a Budget
In today's economy, it's important to be able to stretch your dollar as far as possible, especially when it comes to decorating. At Confetti Party Headquarters, we have some great ways to save you money. 

  • Confetti...With more than 1000 shapes and colors you can create a beautiful table for pennies.  
    Scatter Shiny Metallic Confetti  in front of each guest at the table. This will really impress them and make your guests think that you spent a lot more on the party than you actually did.
     One packet of sparkles is plenty to jazz up the table

    Mylar Balloons...For Graduation use Large Number Balloons in School Colors. Create a large 2011 behind the ceremony. Your graduation party will be even more fabulous with Graduation Balloons in the Center of the Tables and Graduation Confetti Scattered around the tables         
  • Latex Balloons...All of our latex balloons are biodegradeable and Made in America. The balloons are made from the sap of rubber trees.  The trees are treated with deference to the environment and the sustainability of our planet. Eco Balloons are a great way to decorate and still be a friend to the planet. 
How to deflate a mylar balloon
  • Insert a straw through the fill valve on the mylar 
  • You will have create a "tunnel" for the air or helium to escape. 
  • You can make this go faster by pressing on the balloon to "push" the air/helium out. 
  • Once the balloon is flat, just fold it up and put it in your party box.  

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