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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Confetti do I need?
For table sprinkles we recommend 1/2 ounce confetti per table for a dazzling, dramatic effect.
If you want a lighter sprinkling of confetti you can easily decorate 2 tables with each 1/2 oz packet

My event is large. Is it possible to buy confetti in bulk?
Yes. Most of our styles are sold both by the packet and by the pound. Click on the picture to Zoom and you'll also get the options for package size. In the drop down box choose pounds and the price for pounds will show.

I want to use several styles. How can I insure an even mix?
The easiest thing to do is put all of your styles in a bucket or bowl and just stir it up.
For distribution use a small measuring cup or tablespoon. Just sort of scatter. It works better than your hand if you want the tables to have a fairly consistent quantity.

Clean-up, Any Suggestions?
As you might imagine we have confetti everywhere. We clean up at the end of each day.
The simplest is a shop vac for large areas and a hand vac for small areas. For random pieces. a lint roller is indispensable. Swiffer Sheets also work very well to pick up confetti.